• December 5, 2023

Poker Qiu: Entertainment Or Addiction?

From entertainment to addiction, the game of dice has existed for almost as long as the civilization itself. With everything being customized to fit into the internet, gambling was also not left untouched.  The game went from boards to tables to the internet, and the threats kept on increasing with the increasing spread.

Internet and gambling:

The internet today houses more than two thousand legal online pokers like poker Qiu, and thousands of others, that hold no legal accreditation. The online gambling industry today is one of the most vibrant economies, generating a regular profit of more than $400 billion per year for the gambling capitals like Australia and Singapore. The profit ranges from $72 billion to $200 billion for the non-capitals like Malaysia, Cambodia, South Korea, Atlantic City, and the Philippines. Any online casino thus contributes to the economy of its respective country by paying tax revenues. It is this economic benefit that hides the dark side of online gambling.Today’s generation is so much into indoor games and that too online gaming. Online gaming is at its peak nowadays; hundreds of gaming subgenres are evolving with a more number of games into them under online gaming.

Tools for gambling:

Most of the online casinos lack proper tools to keep a check on gambling problems. A gambling problem refers to a situation of debt, created due to a lack of self-control. The desire for more almost always takes over discretion and results in disastrous situations. People bet on homes, jewels, and every other means of property, and the slope is slippery. Billions of dollars are lost every year on gambling, but these figures remain hidden under the rolling tables.

The UK Consumer Credit Counselling Service, a UK charity specializing in debt counseling, claimed that an increasing number of British students were experiencing financial problems as a consequence of their Internet gambling. Reasons for participation have been speculative, but include the wide availability to students who all have familiarity with using the Internet, greater flexibility in their working schedules, and the increased freedom experienced when leaving home. It would appear that students may be a vulnerable population when it comes to Internet gambling.

An online poker like poker Qiu, thus, hides a dark world behind its fancy veil. The dilemma is the start; delusion, the fuel. It feeds on people’s addiction, labeled as entertainment and it’s already too late, long before they realize.

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