• December 5, 2023

Top 5 live roulette hacks for beginners

Live Roulette is admittedly quite a complicated game to deal with, especially if you are new to it. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are much more likely to torpedo your bankroll before even having a chance to start enjoying the live casino experience at internet site.

So, to help you get on the right track faster, a list of the best live, online roulette hacks are put together to help you improve your game. Equally, if you are an experienced player and want some new betting tips, this is the place for you!

1) Know Your Chances

This is one of the simplest live roulette hacks to follow as it only requires a little attention from the player. Knowing the odds of each bet before you sit down to play any live casino game is extremely important as it plays a role in some live roulette strategies, it helps you know where to put your money depending on your financial contribution and allows you to learn the easiest ways to win.

2) Choose Your Game Wisely

Knowing which live or online roulette game you want to play is fundamental to your roulette experience. While it may not be a “hack” in the strictest sense, you will certainly be grateful to know the differences between game types such as American and European Roulette, how variations can make a huge difference to how you play and how much you can win!

Before you engage in a game, always read the rules and understand the basic mechanics as you don’t want to put in a large deposit just to find out that the game isn’t for you.

There are different versions of live roulette that are important to know.

3) Check En Rule

This live roulette hack is closely related to game selection, though you may need to join the live casino lobby to make sure the provider is working. Basically, the en Prison rule allows you to reset your bet if the ball lands on zero. So, for example, if you bet £ 10 on Black and the ball lands on zero, your bet will carry over to the next round.

The advantages of applying this rule are obvious, incl. because it lowers the edge of the house even lower than traditional European roulette. If you want to find the En Prison rule in live roulette, it will most likely be playing at the European tables or the French roulette lobby. And if you don’t know if you can use it, you can always ask the live dealer directly.

4) Set a goal.

It’s really simple. Before you sit down to play live roulette, make sure you know your goals: you are there to have fun and earning money is a bonus. Too many players get greedy and continue to play long after the point where they should stop, trying to recoup their losses and waste their potential winnings in the process.

If you’re fed up and all is going well, go away! Also, if this is not your day, know when to leave the live casino lobby and save your bankroll for another time.

5) Learn the betting strategy

The best live roulette hack is to learn a decent betting strategy such as Martingale, d’Alembert, or Paroli strategy. While not 100% effective, they are good starting points for learning the basics of capital management and betting.

With these live roulette hacks, you are more than ready to challenge the live dealer and play for your winnings. Check it outonline roulette live to get started!

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